Threats and Themes

City Aspects

The following is a list of Aspects that will define the city as it will develop in play.

Aspect: City at the Crossroads
Theme – The City of New Orleans is a major hub of import/exports, but in dark of night it is a meeting place of demons and devils looking to make deals with the foolish.

Aspect: Gather of the Storms
Threat – There are storms, both literal and figurative are rising up. Malevolent forces position themselves to reap the growing whirlwinds, while the actions of a few are determining the fates of so many. The Storms are a source of power and a doom to those that call them.

Aspect: The Rivers Song is Ending
Threat/Theme – The Delta finds its life blood in the river, both in commerce and in its power over magical forces. The Delta is an area interlaced with so many flowing bodies of water, the power of magic exists in a state of flux. The River Song guides the energies of Ley Lines creating vast swaths of null magic and others of nigh infinite potence. It is the River Song that has empowered the Doorway of Darkness

Threats and Themes

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