All Long the Watchtowers

There must be some kind of way out of here..

Sunday August 21st

“Time to See a man about a dog”

Will Insert Game Recap later

Tommy from Oct/3/10
Tommy has to clean up

I met with the guys today at the designated safe house … well i say safe house but I should say the place that was designated neutral in the accords. I hat the place because the threshold always makes my skin crawl. the two wardens were there already by the time I showed up along with the Autumn Knight. However the other fae I hang out with must have been running late. All of a sudden this stranger sits down at the table we were all drinking at … so Aviator’s tells the mundane to get lost but the guy tries to stare him back. I had to admire the balls on the guy because the sword the warden was carrying was on the table next to him as clear as day. Then Aviator’s starts to lose his cool and the new guy explains in a hurry that he is the other fae we hang out with. I had to stifle a laugh.

so after we settle back down and share all of our privet investigations info we the rest of the guys kept saying that we need some info on the man we met at the pit fights the day before. I could care less but the wardens knew that black magic was being used and that is how his creature kept winning. I say creature but they sed it was some child stuck in the body of the animal. Don’t get me wrong, I may be a Whitecort sleaze ball but I wouldn’t feed on a kid and I sure as hell wouldn’t put him through that kind of personal hell … or at least I though I wouldn’t when I first herd about it. so I used my charm to find some one who could help us check out the scum bags story.

In walks my new friend in the records department at the police office. (Dave I left the name on the note pad so help me out) was an over worked under paid and under loved city employee. we both made a mutual and beneficial transaction and I got a friend in a low place and she got the best night of her life … so far. that is how I got the address of the farm supposedly used to raise the fighting gator … child … thing. The problem was the facts of the report my friend loaned me didn’t add. I assumed that the creep was lieing and using this actual police raid as a cover story for where he really got it but the rest of the gang wanted to check it out. I thought more power to them because I was going to look into getting the info on the people involved rather then wander around in the dark chasing gator farm people besides I wanted to see if my new pet wanted to trad some sexual favors for some more info i needed on the pit fight location. but that was a personal matter having to do with The Family

before I had finalized the agreement with my pet I was interrupted by an emergency call by the guys. apparently they got back on to dry land and had made a hell of a mess of things. I took the limo drivers place to go pick them up so they could fill me in on what had happened. however instead of getting an ear full I got a reminder of what everyone uses me for. the guys had burned a 17 year old kid half to death and then messed with his mind. the guys were hurt to but not enough to show why they had used excessive force. If this is what the wardens are like when they are being good I hate to see them when they are bad. I cant throw stones but I had to use my family favors to have the kid emitted to the local hospital. I doubt he will ever leave what ever fight he was in though because I have seen people like that before. It looked like what The Family does to people who don’t respect the rules. I wouldn’t say it to the wardens faces but the ends don’t justify the means in this case. why fry one kid in order to save another kid … If the only difference is that black magic wasn’t involved white magic is just as bad and they are just fighting a power war.


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