Marley Edwards

A prominent Louisiana buisinessman, secretly the last Autumn Knight and keeper of the last vestigates of the Court's power.


The Edwards Family was a respected name in English society, with a well established history of service and nobility. A rogue element in the otherwise ordinary family, Marley took his lessons in life well. He received a prestigious education from all the best English schools, and took to high culture like Fae to the Nevernever. Still, the life his rich family offered was not enough for him, he wanted to build for himself. Fearing that the Edwards name would hound him in his native land, he set out for America.

His travels took him to Lousiana, where he decided to settle down and start his life properly. His main reason was a young lady, Rosalie, whom he had taken a liking to, and with whom he wanted to build the foundations of his own chain of department stores. They married, and the first Edwards store was opened in the french quarter of New Orleans. Sadly, it did not prove as popular as they first had hoped, and business dwindled. Rosalie became ill, a new disease that was expensive to treat… far beyond what Marley’s pocket could reach. Unable to help his loved one, she died, and Marley was left alone with his failure.

It was then that he was approached by a mysterious lady of supernatural origins. He couldn’t narrow down what exactly about her told him that, but he was sure that something about her wasn’t quite right. Her offer was strange enough, in exchange for Marley’s services as her knight, he would be given the success that had always eluded him. In the wake of his wife’s death, Marley agreed quickly. Power was bestowed upon him, and he became the last of the Autumn Court’s knights. He knew he was the last, because not long afterward he was approached by yet another beautiful, otherworldly woman. She told him that so to speak, the management had switched hands, and that his debt of service was now hers and the Winter Court’s. He needn’t worry though, she already had the services of another knight, and thus Marley would still have little need to interact with the supernatural world.

Decades past, Marley’s life was extended beyond belief, and his business grew exponentially. Soon Edwards was the most commonly seen department store chain in Louisiana, and Marley found himself a rich man. His dealings with the world of the supernatural seemed over, but the woman came to him again. Mab, she said her name was. Her knight had failed her, but rather than letting him go, she set out to prove to him the full extent of his wrongdoing. During that time, Marley would step up to be the champion of the Fae court of Winter and serve it’s interests. Armed with the full power of Winter at his call, and wielding the scythe that proved his status as the last Autumn Knight, Marley took up the call of Winter’s champion.

Marley’s leitmotif is “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult.

Marley Edwards

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