All Along the Watchtowers

It’s late August in 2005. While the good times keep rolling, the Big Easy is about to get rolled. Malevolent agents toy with the capricious whims of Mother Nature seeking to undermine the gilded cages of long forgotten horrors.

Can you weather the storm?

Mortal Knowledge
New Orleans, the Big Easy, is a place known for indulgences into hedonism and yet a strong adherence to quasi-religious tradition. Diverse cultures existing side-by-side, yet their lives rarely intermingle beyond a whisper in the night. For the right price, the right word in the right ear, you can find anything here. Bustling with the commerce entering and leaving the city, New Orleans rests on the bones of the Old World while cashing in on newest technology and trends. People stick to their own kind; rich vs. poor, white vs. black, secular vs. religion, there are walls built around the way people live their lives and consequences for stepping off the path. People might talk in the tilt of southern refinement, but they have their hands on a PDA plotting your downfall.

General Supernatural Knowledge
Vampires, vampires, and more vampires. The city’s culture is steeped in the romantic notions of the gothic vampire. So many visitors seek out a brushing experience with the Vampire, it’s not uncommon to see the real thing and delusional wannabes walking down the streets savoring the attention and adoration their faux-mystique provides. Ironically, while this covers provides and excellent cover to their more benign attempts at feeding it is the blatant depravity of those blood drinkers that has drawn the ire of so many of the Elder Red and Black Court. Where once they could blend into the streets and festivals to sate their needs now they must content with the cows dressed as wolfs poaching their claims as well as the herd dog hunters seeking to win themselves as set of trophy fangs. The White Court has used this danger as both their shield and their sword, striking down those wayward souls whose own courts do not bother to police. Safe in their feeding, the White Court urges own the party and drives the revelry further and further.

Specific Supernatural Knowledges will find their own section in the Wiki as the game progresses

All Along the Watchtower is a Dresden Files campaign set in New Orleans in the days before the tragedy of the Katrina Hurricane. The story is about people trying to make a difference, but whose methods are without moral center and questionable self-enlightenment. This fictitious re-imagining of those events that took place is not an attempt to belittle the tragedy or deny the human condition through the application of supernatural elements, instead, those events will become the vehicle through which the players will confront a modern and relevant quest to understand duty, hope, and sacrifice.

All Long the Watchtowers

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